Welcome to Wembley Park Cyprus

Wembley Park is located in the heart of the Xylofagou village. We have redesigned our spaces in order to give you the chance to relax and have an amazing time. Wembley Park was revamped for the community and our management team is there to make a lasting impression on the community.

We understand how important it is to have fun! Our multi-purpose venue is great for adults and children alike. At heart we are a multipurpose sports venue!

However our facilities are such that we have the ability to host your child’s birthday party creating unforgettable memories. We also accommodate christenings, engagements and other parties!

Our atmosphere is there to be welcoming with a coffee shop and snack bar available on site.

It is perfect for letting your mind be at ease while watching your children play.

Because we value treating our clients like family, we are a community with high customer satisfaction. The location has three mini football teams and a pool area. Tennis, basketball, netball, and volleyball courts will all be included in our expansion plans.

While we are home to Kids Soccer grassroots academy.


Our Courts

Our courts include three state of the art mini-football fields (xx m2), along with changing areas and two restrooms. We welcome on courts both amateur and professional teams.

We have a coffee shop and a snack bar on-site because we want to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere. What better way to watch your child have the time of their life than with a drink in your hand? If you want to spend time with your family without too much hustle and bustle, head to Wembley Park!

Birthday Parties

Every year, as your child gets older, you have to go through the tedious process of looking for the ideal location. You no longer need to search further though! Let Wembley Park relieve you of this burden.

Our location is perfect for your child to invite friends and have a blast. Our multipurpose space, which can accommodate both children and teenagers, will undoubtedly set your child’s party apart from the competition.


With our large fields, friendly atmosphere and fun activities, Wembley Park offers an incredible location for a Christening event. All of our events have you as the main character, and will be tailored to your likings. We are here to help you organise an event that people will remember for years to come.

Our team is friendly and motivated to discuss with you in order to organise the perfect event. Wembley Park takes pride in providing exceptional service, and we will be available to assist you throughout your event.


Weddings & Engagements

One of the most important days in a person’s life is their wedding day. Everything has to be flawless, and with all the stress involved, having fun may sometimes get lost. Wembley Park is dedicated to making your big day a success. We provide a diverse menu that will satisfy all your guests.

Our team’s main priority is for you to be calm and stress-free, which is why we will take care of everything. The atmosphere here is elegant but nevertheless cosy, and you will have all the privacy you may need.

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